End of Watch: Saturday, June 12, 1976

Sgt. Barrett, was stabbed several times and shot with his own revolver while trying to arrest a suspect who had just stabbed a man to death at the Greyhound Bus Station, 700 Columbus.

The suspect, 23-year-old Thelette Brandon, ran from the terminal and attempted to escape in a taxi. As Sgt. Barrett pulled Brandon out of the taxi, Brandon stabbed him and wrestled Sgt. Barrett’s pistol away and shot him. Brandon fled down an alley where he was captured after receiving several gunshot wounds from responding officers.

Patrolmen Mike Young and Steve DeLaRosa took Sgt. Barrett to the hospital in a patrol car where he died shortly after arrival.

Sgt. Barrett, 42, was an 18-year veteran of WPD and is survived by a wife and daughter.

Thelette Brandon was convicted of capital murder, but his sentence was commuted to life. He is currently in Texas Department of Criminal Justice.