End of Watch: Tuesday, July 2, 1940

Officer Huddleston and Rookie Officer Ira Royals stopped a vehicle with an Arizona license plate in front of the L & M Cafe at Third Street and LaSalle Avenue.

When Officer Huddleston told the three suspects to exit the car, one of the suspects reached for a gun under his shirt. Officer Huddleston exchanged gunfire simultaneously with the man. He wounded the suspect in the head while himself being shot in the throat. He shot the second suspect in the arm, and Officer Royals shot the third suspect in the stomach.

Officer Royals held the three suspects in custody while Officer Huddleston walked into the cafe and told the waitress he had been shot. Officer Huddleston was carried to Providence Hospital by Chief C.C. Maxey. Officer Huddleston, 40, died about ten minutes after reaching the hospital.

He was a five-year veteran. It was Ira Royals first day on the force